Do your employees know when they are successful?

Resultz HR system makes it clear to them.

Resultz is a strong partner within:
1) Leadership Development
2) Strategic HR Processes
3) Smart handling of change processes.


Our vision is to help our partners to strengthen their businesses, and therefore our mission is: “Your success. Our business.

We help organizations implement their strategy and business plans. We also assist employees and managers in becoming important contributors to the future success of the organization, e.g. by identifying and unfolding their potential. 


Aviaja Lynge

E-MBA in change management, brings an extensive tool box and solid experience from global companies such as Vestas, LEGO, and the University of Aarhus within leadership, business development, and strategic HR. Aviaja will provide you with value adding solutions, to ensure an effective roll out of your strategy- always with a strong focus on a matching company culture.


Lars Skibdahl

Lars Skibdahl has +20 years of experience as a leader, consultant and business developer in leading organizations such as Vestas, BDO, Act2Learn and the South Danish Center of Vocational Training. Lars will provide you sparring and training on strategy- and business plans, leadership development, and Performance Management.


Thomas C. Lyngesen

Thomas Lyngesen is an experienced IT architect, and has over the past decades developed complex software solutions, and IT architecture. Thomas has gained his experience from leading organisations such as DuPont, Danisco and Stibo. Thomas will make sure that you experience a smooth implementation and operation of the Resultz HR System.

70% of all change initiatives fail..
Resultz can support you in reaching your goals!!


  • ”I would like to recommend Resultz as a tool for people development. It also provides leaders with real time status of goals and development potential. It is user friendly, fast, and has a great design”

    Asbjørn Sørensen, Head of the Construction department, SDE Vejle

  • "Fantastic tool for delegation of tasks and to keep an overview of the strategy”

    Per Sørensen, Head of automobile mechanics, SDE Vejle

  • ”Having worked with Resultz for 8 months, I have gained a far better overview of our department goals and our strategy”

    Lars Mølgaard, Head of Food College, SDE Vejle

Resultz HR System

Improving performance, well-being, and development – using one process

Meeting the demands and needs related to improved performance, well-being, and development – at the same time – requires a solid, fair and coherent process and effort. The foundation for this is found in the most modern and intuitive strategic HR system on the market today – the Resultz HR System. It supports a clear strategic direction and an appreciative approach to employee development.

Resultz HR System enables you to:

– roll out business plans and strategy to all levels of the organization
– roll out and follow up on values / supporting professional behavior
– evaluate results and behaviour of employees and summarize the results at organizational level
– conduct a value adding performance and development dialogue linked to the strategic direction

Reports and business critical insight
Resultz HR System gives leaders and executives at all levels of your organization a strategic overview and business critical information of the execution of business plans and strategy, insight into how the organization is performing, and visibility of talents and potential successors


Change Management

70% of change initiatives miss the mark. Partner up with Resultz to get smart about change!

Do you know what it takes to create sustainable change?

We can help you and your organization to plan for successful and lasting change.
Most change initiatives miss the mark because we fail to acknowledge the most important factor –  the human factor. Successful change projects engage the right stakeholders: the customers, the leaders, the employees, or other partners which will be affected by the change. 

Resultz offers support in any phase of your change project. However, the best results occur when we plan for sustainable change from the beginning. Partnering with us early in the process will improve the odds for success.

We offer consultancy and help to facilitate the following areas: 
– Preparing for Change
– Leading Change
– Change Assessments, pre- and post assessments


"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." -Jimmy Dean


“Performance Management” by Herman Aguinis
“Beyond the Wall of Resistance” by Rick Maurer
“Playing to Win” by Lafley & Martin
“Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
“Leading Change” by John Kotter


Rasmus Ankersen: “The Gold Mine Effect – how to find undervalued talent”
Simon Sinek: “Start With Why”
TED Talks Leadership Topics
Daniel Pink- “The surprising truth about what motivates us


Rick Maurer: Why 70% of Changes Fail
Rick Maurer: “Resistance to change”
Forbes: “Know Your Why”

Always with a focus on ... …securing that the changes are supported
by the organizational culture.!

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